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This website contains different materials that are not suitable for minors. It can be considered as illegal or offensive by some readers. If you feel that you may get offended or you may not like the content of this website, do not enter the site.

There are sexually-explicit and sexually-related material that will be obvious when you check out this website. This is considered to be appropriate for those who are 18 years old or older. This is not appropriate for those who easily get offended by this type of content. If you are not allowed to view this type of material according to your law, DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE.

By accepting the agreement, I agree to the following:

  • I am older than 18 years old.
  • The material that I am viewing or purchasing is according to my own free will. I have no right to expose this type of material to minors.
  • I am already an adult which means that I get to choose the type of material that I would expose myself to. I feel that the material that can be found in this site is not in any way offensive or obscene.
  • Viewing, reading, watching, and checking out the different materials that can be found on this website are not against the place where I am currently living. I understand that the rules may be different from one place to another. This is to verify that I know my local laws.
  • I am going to be fully responsible for the disclosure of materials that are only supposed to stay on this website. If in case the materials are disclosed, this might be considered to be fraudulent and will cause further issues in the long run.
  • I also understand that placing all of the links and advertisements illegally on the website can be considered to be against the law and may come with some legal sanctions.

This is a terms and conditions page that would also act as an agreement between you and the website. Agreeing on the terms and the conditions written on this page means that you will be held liable if you do not follow the rules and regulations that have been set. Rules are set to change depending on where you are currently located. Violating any of the terms will not be an option.

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