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Have you been searching for the right website that will allow you to feel that you are watching other people as they do different things while living their day to day life? This is definitely something that you can do right now. You now have the chance to observe what other people are doing. You can watch 24/7. This may be the type of entertainment that you need.

If you are scared that using this website is illegal, you do not have to worry. This is a website that will allow you to view different people but they know that they are being viewed. In fact a lot of people enjoy the fact that people are watching their every move. This can be a fun and new experience that you may have never tried before.


  • You will have access to some areas of the home that you can easily watch.
  • View how the different residents at home are doing their tasks.
  • The scenarios that you will see are all showing real people doing their real tasks.


  • Most of the features are not available to non-members.
  • The free options are limited.
  • It can be expensive to maintain.

Special Aspects of

You may like the fact that you can choose any apartment that you want and watch the residents that are living their lives. There are some areas that may be closed off to visitors but you can easily access when you become a member. It is also great that the locations of the tenants can be easily detected so that you will know what you should start watching. Control the website from your mobile device easily whenever you need to do so.

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