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About is a site that looks pretty poor at first glance. There is no one thing that you can open on this site without first registering. So the peek option can be forgotten the moment you step here. You see channels with girls available, and some 4-5 categories they are divided into, but that's all when you click on any girl, you will be automatically redirected to another site where you create your account. Your order everywhere seems to be completely free of charge and consists of two steps. The first step is to choose your username, then set and confirm your password and enter your email. The next and final step is called Verification Years, and you are actually filling in all your information, starting with your first name, last name, address, city, postal code and all the information on your payment card! You just have not been asked for a pin on the card ... If you want to order further, the classic verification through the bank happens, it is removed, ie, a certain number is reserved from your account and this process of freezing that part of the money can take up to 7 days and then your money is returned to your account. When you are done registering you have the option to open profiles of girls, view their pictures and find out some things about them. If you decide to go for private correspondence and ask them to fulfill your fantasies for you then you will have to pay for these services per minute of use. So, depending on the girl, the price can be a minimum of 0.5 euros per minute and the maximum is who knows how much. I came across 2.5 Euros per minute which is already enough for some average standards. What I noticed first was that very few girls were online at the time of my visit. There were only about 20 of them, which is a very small number.


  • A site that exclusively shows you only ebony girls
  • Real amateurs
  • Safe and secure


  • No peeking without registration
  • No completely free registration, they request your credit card
  • A very low number of available girls

Special aspect

A different site, a little more modest-looking, with a small number of girls. It may be a problem at the time of my arrival, there may be more online in the late hours, but again I do not believe that figure will reach some of the best in this category. Certainly, the biggest drawback is that you can't search the site a little without registering, which is free, but it requires all your data, which will distract many rights from this site.

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