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About is a site that has existed for over 12 years and where you can watch amateurs and porn stars fulfill your or other users' wishes if you are in group correspondence. The girls are shown live here from their studios or home and the creators of this site claim that you will not come across already recorded videos, but everything goes live, which of course changes the experience. Registration is completely free and gives you the opportunity to view all models, see their pictures and possibly a short video. If you want to engage in a conversation with a girl of your choice, you will have to pay per minute and sites like this. The advantage is that you do not have any monthly membership fee here but only when you want a premium experience then you have to pay for it. When you approach a room with a certain girl then you are on the screen and you see the talk rates per minute. The lowest price is, of course, $ 1, and as girls get more and more attractive, the price goes up. As for the search, it is very detailed and not only BBW girls but also everyone else can be found here. So whatever type of girl you choose this is the place for yours. The site is adapted not only to the English area but has the option of 7 other languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish. So the whole of Europe is covered, except for Russia so that almost everyone will be able to easily use the site and will not have any problems with finding.


  • Adapted for whole Europe
  • All typses of girls available, not only BBW girls
  • HD videos and good sound


  • Expensive minutes
  • Scams
  • Unable to peek without registration

Special aspect

If you are a fan of some big girls and want to look at something else, then this site is made for you. Of course, you will not be able to enjoy everything for free, but you will need to use your credit card to meet your needs.

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